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Melody Bear in a rocket
Melody Bear has arrived at her dancing class ready to dance with all the girls and boys.
What will we do today?

Melody Bear joins our Melody Movement classes to share her stories, ideas and life outside the dance studio with the young dancers.  Children bring their own teddies and dolls and they sit them together with Melody Bear in the centre of the studio.  Milligan Bear is Melody Bear’s best friend and he sits with Melody Bear too. The class starts with Melody Bears warm up songs danced around her and her toy friends. Melody Bear is then positioned on her chair, with the children’s toys to watch the travelling and skill based exercises.  Many exercises link together to lead the class through the narrative of Melody Bear’s adventures and themes.  

The teacher brings Melody Bear back to the group when it is time to share Melody Bear’s story or ‘surprise’ leading into an exciting creative theme. Props and dressing-up may also be included in this section.  Melody Bear’s many creative themes include a combination of magical tales and real-life stories helping children to develop imagination, role-play skills and to learn about the world around them.   

The class finishes with Melody Bear’s goodbye song or lullaby. Before everyone goes home, Melody Bear presents a sticker to each child telling them which movement or dance she liked best of all that week.  Sometimes one of the dancers may have a ‘special day’ as she has completed two sticker charts.  She enjoys holding Melody Bear at the front of the train dance and Melody Bear presents her with a medal.  All her classmates applaud and share her celebration.  

As the children mature, the Melody Bear classes reflect this in the syllabus content and class structure, but her creative element remains a constant thread throughout the curriculum.

The early years classes are 30 minute sessions.

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